Capital District Printathalon 2016 has been Cancelled.
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24 Hour 3D Printing Challenge

3D Printing Demos

3D Printing Speaker Series


Past Events

Capital District Printathalon 2015


September 18-20, 2015


A Brief History of Our Event

  • Winter 2014

    The Idea

    My friends went to HackRPI in November and I didn't go because I wasn't that good at coding. I knew I was good at 3D Modeling and 3D Printing, but there weren't any 24 Hour 'Printing' Hackathons to go to. I started working at GE around this time, so I mostly fogot about the idea.

  • June 2015

    The Work Begins

    I felt that my creativity was being wasted by sitting in school taking summer classes- so I dropped them all. I gave myself 3 months to figure out how to make a website and create an event. 16 Hour Days in my basement were the norm.

  • September 2015

    Our First Event

    Our first Event was held September 18-20, 2015 at SUNY Poly CNSE. We had 3 parts to our Event: a 24 Hour 3D Printing Challenge, a 3DP Speaker series, and 3DP Demos. We had 125 people attend the Event, along with 25 people compete in our 24 Hour Challenge.

  • Spring 2016

    Recreate Website

    Recreate the website with better UX/UI. Prepare for the Fall Event.

  • To Be

Our Amazing Team

Colton Robtoy

Lead Organizer

Worked @GE

Dong Woo Yoo

Front-End Engineer

Worked @EY


Charles Gilman

24 Hour 3DP Challenge

Worked @GE

Worked @US Air Force

Carl DeCesare

High School Liaison

Worked @Niskayuna HS

Worked @GE

Larry Zimbler

Event Logistics

Founder @Liberteks

Founder @smAlbany

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